Ask Your Dentist Coin $AYDC

High-Quality Data - Best Treatment Planning AI

This utility coin supports the Sixeyes app in collecting the best quality data to feed an AI algorithm.
Our goal is to develop cutting-edge diagnostic and treatment planning alternatives, adapted for the professional environment, supporting dentists to make the best treatment decisions.

$AYDC ICO Public Launch:
$AYDC Launching value : 0,0972$
Fixed token edition 500.000.000 AYDC
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Why Ask Your Dentist?

Dental Leaders Academy is a leading global organization in continuing dental education which owns Sixeyes App.
For the professional field, Sixeyes stands as the most comprehensive applied diagnosis and treatment planning program available worldwide.
It has the capability to analyze thousands of clinical cases daily, supported by medical boards comprised of the brightest minds in this industry.
Given the exceptional caliber of the teams and the academic advisory board associated with Dental Leaders Academy and the Sixeyes App, this project is recognized as the top-quality data collector in this multi-billion dollar industry.

*Ask your dentist about the robustness and reliability of this project, before investing.

Global dental market size:


World dental survey

Dental Leaders Academy

We are committed to providing dental professionals with the tools, knowledge, and support they need to transcend the ordinary and reach new heights of clinical excellence. Through mentorship, education, and innovation, we pave the way for dentists to achieve extraordinary results in their practice.
Simultaneously, we are dedicated to cultivating the leaders of tomorrow in the field of dentistry. By fostering a culture of inspiration and mentorship, we ensure that the future of dentistry is in the capable hands of visionary professionals who are ready to shape and redefine the industry.

Sixeyes App

Sixeyes claims to be the most powerful and professional second opinion app in the world of dentistry. It uses two boards, Academic and Scientific, chosen according to criteria of professional prestige and proven clinical expertise.

Affiliated dentists can upload patients’ medical data in complete confidentiality and discuss the most appropriate diagnostic and treatment solutions in a group of three, so that the expertise of Sixeyes boards can serve as advice for a safer treatment decision and more appropriate.

Our Goals

Academic Board Members
Affiliated Dental Practices
SixEyes Packages Sold
Total Reviewed Cases

Road Map

May - June 2024

Token Presale and ICO

July 2024

Official token launch and listing in majors DEX (decentralized exchanges) At Maranello Italy, Ferrari Museum event.

Mid-July 2024


Mid July 2024

Staking platform with passive revenue for long term holders

September 2024

Official App Launch: Launch the Sixeyes allowing dentists and dental clinics to start using it for second opinion services.

October 2024

Data Collection Initiation: to feed our AI

October 2024

Starts Global Marketing Campaign

November 2024

Listing in majors CEX (centralized exchanges)

January 2025

Token Utility Expansion

March 2025

Fully operational AI Beta version

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Token Distribution

A robust distribution model for a stronger coin!

The tokenomics of $AYDC reflect a strategic distribution aimed at fostering community engagement, ensuring liquidity, and supporting the app's widespread adoption.

  • 40% AI Ecosystem
  • 20% Private Sale/ Crowd Funding
  • 15% Marketing
  • 10% Advisors
  • 15% Team
  • Name:Ask Your Dentist
  • Type:SPL Token
  • Symbol:$AYDC
  • Platform:Solana
  • Total supply:500,000,000
  • Token Adress: 3p6Ku9JPtH3DTY4fbBjNwYsswiTKdbbRDPLB9MCUtmZB
General description

$AYDC will be released on the basis of Solana platform and fully comply with SPL Token standard.

Support of this standard guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services (wallets, exchanges, listings, etc.), and provides easy integration.

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